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Life-Saving Advice for Freeway Travelers

Mar 10th, 2021


Joshua Shideler, Public Information Officer
Office: 713-881-3041

Ruth Diaz, Staff Analyst
Office: 713-881-3044

It’s Only a White Line Campaign Prioritizes Life-Saving Acts

When a traveler is stopped on a busy freeway, the risk of being injured or killed in a secondary crash increases by the minute. Whether a motorist has a vehicle breakdown or a fender bender, Houston TranStar’s It’s Only a White Line program urges stranded motorists and pedestrians to get off the freeway as quickly as possible.

“The Texas Steer It, Clear It law requires that following a crash, if no one is injured and your vehicle can be driven, you must clear it off the freeway,” said Dinah Massie, Executive Director of Houston TranStar. “If it’s not drivable, there’s help for that.”

The Tow and Go™ quick clearance program provides no-cost towing up to one mile for vehicles that break down from mechanical issues on the freeway. Launched in 2018, the program’s coverage area now includes Harris County, Bellaire, Jersey Village, La Porte and Humble.

Some motorists wrongly believe that moving out of harm’s way after a crash will cause them to lose insurance coverage. It’s Only a White Line works to clear up this error about freeway incidents and towing.

“Your insurance carrier is first and foremost concerned with your safety,” said David Wuthrich, Executive Director of the Independent Insurance Agents of Houston and member of the It’s Only a White Line Leadership Council. “In the past, documenting a crash for insurance meant waiting for law enforcement at the scene, but getting out of danger is the first step. Taking pictures of the crash from within the safety of your vehicle, including photos of the other vehicle’s license plate, is the next important step. But getting off the freeway is the name of the game.”

“A car can be replaced,” adds Massie. “A life cannot.”
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