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West Harris County Upcoming Road Openings

Sep 11th, 2017

Transportation and Planning Division

For Immediate Release

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS—Harris County Transportation and Planning Division would like to inform commuters that there are projected opening dates for roads that have been closed as a result of substantial flooding within the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs. Projected Road Openings*
Addicks Reservoir:
Clay Road including North Eldridge Parkway north of Clay Road/September 15 North Eldridge Parkway between Clay Road and Dairy Ashford Road/September 20 Highway 6 between Clay Road and Park Row/September 20 Groeschke Road at Highway 6/September 20 Patterson Road between Highway 6 and Eldridge Parkway/October 7
Barker Reservoir:
Westheimer Parkway/September 15 South Barker Cypress Road/September 22
*Dates listed are projections and timely updates will be provided.

Harris County has concentrated efforts in the areas west of the reservoirs to accommodate high traffic volumes moving through the major intersections. Signal timing has been adjusted to increase traffic capacity in order to allow more cars to move through each signal cycle. As a result of extended signal cycles, commuters should expect longer green and red light cycles.

Harris County is committed to keeping commuters safe and informed about road openings and traffic signal maintenance.

If barricades are placed on roads where high waters have receded, commuters are encouraged to leave the barricades in place and avoid driving around them. There may be standing high water or road damage on other parts of the road.

Be aware and alert of school zone flashers in certain areas as schools resume sessions. Please be patient and plan to adjust your peak rush hour schedules accordingly.

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